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Library of Chinese Classics Chinese-English: Mozi (2 tomes)

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Mozi was a collection of works and sayings by the distinguished thinker and politician Mozi (cir. 468 B.C.– 376 B.C.) and his disciples. The original book contained 71 chapters, yet they were gradually scattered after the Six Dynasties (220 — 589). As a result, only 53 chapters are still in existence. Mozi covers a wide range of subjects, including politics, military science, philosophy, ethics, economy, logic, natural science and technology, and is the chief representative work of Mohism. Altogether ten propositions are put forward in Mozi: “Universal Love”, “Denouncing Aggressive Warfare”, “Respecting the Virtuous”, “Identifying with the Superior”, “Economizing Expenditures”, “Simplicity in Funerals”, “Against Music”, “The Will of Heaven”, “On Ghosts”, “Against Fatalism”. The present book is based on Mozi Re-annotated by Sun Yirang and dozens of editions and Chinese versions of Mozi. It is the first English translation of The Complete Works of Mozi.

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