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Liu Zi Jue: Chinesisches Qigong with DVD

Liu Zi Jue: Chinesisches Qigong with DVD

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Liu Zi Jue, or Liu Zi Qi Jue, is a group of traditional health and fitness exercises focused on Controlled Breathing. The Volume Qigong Exercises for Health and Fitness – Liu Zi Jue is part of the series Chinese Qigong for Health, compiled by the Chinese Society for Health and Qigong. Liu Zi Jue regulates and controls the rising and falling of Qi, the life energy, within the body and the associated methods of inhaling and exhaling through different mouths. There are a total of six exercises for breathing and forming the sounds, Xu, HE, HU, SI, CHUI and XI ”. These exercises strengthen the liver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys and the Sanjiao, the three body cavities that house the internal organs. Liu Zi Jue helps to balance the energy and functions of the internal organs. The exercises consist of slow, gentle, outgoing and graceful movements. The easy-to-learn and to-do exercises are safe and reliable and therefore suitable for people of all ages and health conditions.

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