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Official Examination Papers of HSK (Level 3) (2014 Edition) +MP3-CD

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Official Examination Papers of HSK·2014 Edition series includes 7 volumes. Official Examination Papers of HSK Level 1~6 consists of 5 sets authentic examination papers, answers, listening materials, answer sheet and supporting MP3 recording; HSKK consists of 5 sets of authentic examination papers for each level of elementary, intermediate and advanced, listening materials and supporting MP3 recording. This series is the only appointed publication of HSK and HSKK Examination in 2014 by Confucius Institute Headquarters / Hanban. Publication according to levels helps examinees conveniently choose the specific level that they need. It provides precious opportunity for examinees to experience the real examination modes. That’s necessary books for examinees and teacher to understand the test contents, do targeted self-test and prepare for HSK Examinations.

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